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What are the Essential Leather Crafting Tools You Should Buy?

Leatherworking is a popular hobby. It can be as simple as making a billfold and as complex as a decorative belt or pair of shoes. What’s great about leatherworking is that you can start with simple projects and move up to more challenging ones. You can also get started with only a few basic skills and tools.

However, it’s very important that you start with the right ones so you don’t feel limited or spend money on tools you’ll only use once or twice. Perfect your leather crafts with the help of these tools!

Needle and Thread

A needle and thread are the most basic tools you need to work leather. Note that the needle and thread you use to sew a button on a shirt isn’t good enough. You need a heavyweight needle that can stitch through leather. Pick up waxed thread to go along with it.

You could take things to the next level by getting a groover. This grooves a line in the leather, ensuring that you stitch the leather in a straight line. A better choice for a beginner is a stitching awl, which is used to create or widen stitching holes. Furthermore, you can use it to push the thread through the hole.

A Knife and Cutting Board

This is another case where the tools you already have aren’t sufficient. Your crafting scissors probably can’t cut leather. A dull kitchen knife may cut through leather, but it could slip on the smooth material and cut you.

There are several different cutting tools you could use. A sharp round knife is one option. A standard utility knife is another, though Xacto knives and box cutters are equally effective. A rotary cutter is a third choice, but we consider it too advanced for beginners.

You also need a proper surface to cut on. Don’t use your kitchen cutting board; instead, get a cutting board specifically for the leatherworking. You could also use a cutting mat. A more advanced tool for this task is a beveller, as it lets you round off uneven pieces of leather.

Stamping Tools

With a Sanbest leather craft tools kit, you’ll have almost everything you need to get started. They include awls, groovers, leather needles, waxed rope, and even thimbles. However, you will still need to invest in a leather stamp.

Leather stamps are an easy way to decorate your leather project. You can use a stamping tool to quickly imprint your initials or a favorite logo in the leather. You can find leather stamps with stars, moons and other popular symbols on the shelf. You can also start looking at blowcarving tools, but it might be a bit difficult for beginners. If you don’t know where to find these, Captain Cooks Ace Hardware is a good place to start.

A Clam or Stitching Pony

A clam or stitching pony is a type of clip or vice. Its job is to hold your leather project in place while you’re working. This makes the project more manageable, since you’re able to work with both hands.


You should have a pattern to follow before you start cutting into the leather. Draw out your design to scale. Then draw it on cardstock or cardboard so that you have the plan to follow as you’re working with the leather.

While there are many tools available for leather working, you only need a few essentials to get started. Focus on tools that get the job done, keep you safe and make the work enjoyable instead of a hassle.

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